How is Pilates different from Yoga?

Pilates in 3 words is stretch, strength, and control.  Each exercise is based on one or more of these attributes.  We use authentic Gratz apparatus in the studio.  Each apparatus is uniquely tailored to support the client throughout a session.  Unlike yoga where you may perform a sequence of exercises on a mat; we utilize an apparatus to stabilize certain body parts so that the client can focus on stretching, strengthening, and controlling other parts of the body.

How is this studio different from other studios?

A session at Atlanta Pilates is based on clients' skills, abilities, and needs.  Sessions are individually tailored to address areas of concern due to injury, overuse, or weakness.

The term "Pilates" is not legally protected.  Therefore, there is now a wide range of Pilates styles.  Atlanta Pilates offers the authentic classic training method.

How should I implement Pilates into my current workout routine?

What is your goal for Pilates? Pilates is an excellent form of cross training for active individuals.  Pilates is excellent for injury recovery for athletes, dancers, and gymnasts.  Pilates can be used to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.  Pilates can help with posture and with the development of long lean muscles.

Do you offer reformer classes?

No, we do not offer reformer classes. The Pilates method was not originally designed for large classes that you often find today. We offer private and duet sessions. In doing so, we can thoroughly cater to your needs.  However, we do offer mat classes.  Please inquire if interested.

Are people watching me during my session?

No, we have a private studio located inside the Huff Trail complex.

Am I too young or old for Pilates?

There is no age limit on Pilates.  As long as you are able to move, Pilates can be incorporated into your lifestyle.